HemoLIGHT™ PMT "Global"

"Global" Reconstitution Monitoring Assays after
Stem Cell Transplantation


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Complete, "global" absorbance assay to monitor hematopoietic and immune reconstitution after stem cell transplantation.


A specific video tutorial on using the PMT assays is not yet ready. Please scroll down and check out the QuickGuide and Technical Manual (if available). Below, is the link to perform the absorbance readout:

How to Perform an Absorbance-Based Readout (for HemoLIGHT™ PMT "Global")

Determine "global" hematopoietic stem and progenitor cell reconstitution.

  • An alternative to, or replacement for the classic colony-forming unit (CFU) assay for hematopoietic lineage engraftment and reconstitution.
  • Measurement of progenitor cell proliferation, rather than differentiation, provides faster results.
  • Measures individual hematopoietic lineages, providing a faster prediction of possible reconstitution than the “classic” CFU assay.
  • No colony counting required.
  • Results in 7 days.
  • Transforms the subjective CFU assay into an instrument-based, quantitative assay.
  • Simple and faster to use than any traditional CFU assay, even using automated colony counting.
  • Complete assay kit; includes everything needed to culture and measure hematopoietic cell growth.
  • Incorporates proven Suspension Expansion Culture™ (SEC™) Technology.

Principle of Using HemoLIGHT PMT Assays to Monitor Patient Reconstitution After Stem Cell Transplantation Using an Absorbance / Colorimetric Readout
  • Incorporates a terazolium WST-1 reagent that is reduced to a soluble yellow formazan, which can be measured at an maximum absorbance of 440nm (420nm to 480nm) in an absorbance plate reader.
  • After culture, add 10μl of the WST-1 reagent, mix and read absorbance at 440nm after 1-4 hours in a 96-well plate reader. Plates can be returned to incubator and re-read at a later time for increased sensitivity.
  • No solubilization step as in a MTT reaction. Replaces MTT assays.
  • Peripheral blood
  • Bone marrow (biopsy)

For Research Use Only. Not for clinical diagnostic use.

An absorbance or multimode plate reader to measure absorbance at 490nm.

  • HemoLIGHT™ PMT "Global" Master Mixes for each cell population to be determined
  • WST-1 reagent
  • Sterile, clear, 96-well plate(s)
  • Sterile adhesive cover foils for maintaining unused well sterile

QuickGuide for Performing HemoLIGHT PMT to Monitor Hematopoietic Reconstitution After Stem Cell Transplantation Using an Absorbance / Colorimetric Readout

When ordering HemoLIGHT™ PMT, simply click the Catalog Number in the table below and you will be taken directly to the desired product.

To determine "global" reconstitution:

  • 4-Population Assay for SC-GEMM 1, P-BFU 1, P-GM 1 and P-Mk 1
  • 5-Population Assay for SC-HPP 2, SC-GEMM 1, P-BFU 1, P-GM 1 and P-Mk 1
  • 7-Population Assay for SC-HPP 2, SC-GEMM 1, P-BFU 1, P-GM 1, P-Mk 1, P-Tcell, P-Bcell and background control


HemoLIGHT™ PMT Assays Available
Population Measured Catalog Number Format Number of Plates/Kit Number of Samples/Kit
K4-4PMT-5 Low serum 5 8-24(#)
K4SF-4PMT-5 Serum-Free 5 8-24(#)
K4-5PMT-6 Low serum 6 8-24(#)
K4SF-5PMT-6 Serum-Free 6 8-24(#)
K4-7PMT-8 Low serum 8 8-24(#)
SC-GEMM, P-BFU, P-GM, P-Mk, Control(1) K4SF-7PMT-8 Serum-Free 8 8-24(#)

SC = Stem cell; P=progenitor cell

(1): To predict "global" hematopoietic reconstitution.

(2): To predict "global" hematopoietic reconstitution.

(3): To predict "global" lympho-hematopoietic reconstitution.

(#): These assay kits can detect 8-24 samples for each cell population detected using 4-8 replicates/sample.