In Vitro Neurotoxicity Testing
using NeuroGlo™-Tox HT


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A standardized and complete bioluminescence neurotoxicity assay platform.

NeuroGlo™-Tox HT Complete assays are a collaboration between ArunA Biomedical and Preferred Cell Systems™

  • Viability, cell functionality and cell number assays for ES-derived neural or neuronal cells.
  • Developmental biology.
  • Determine expansion ability and potential.
  • Neural proliferation and differentiation process.
  • Comparison of ES-derived cells with other neural or neuronal cells.
  • High throughput in vitro toxicity testing and screening.
  • Incorporates the most sensitive of any assay readout using proven ATP-based bioluminscence technology. 
  • Instrument-based, quantitative and fully standardized readout procedure that can be validated according to regulatory requirements.
  • Includes cryopreserved hNP1 human neural progenitor cells or hN2 neuronal cells, medium, plates and signal detection system for a complete "turnkey" assay. 
  • High throughput capability.
  • Reliably compare results over time.
  • Multiplexing capability to incorporate other assay readouts for additional information from the same sample.
  • Simple, time efficient and cost effective.

Principle of ATP Bioluminescence Cell Proliferation/Cytotoxicity Assays

All ATP bioluminescence assays kits from Preferred Cell Systems™ include an ATP standard(s) and controls.  Performing the ATP standard curve and controls is highly recommended. The controls are used to calibrate the luminescence plate reader and the ATP standard is used to standardize the assay. The values obtained from the standard curve and controls (see diagram below) are then compared to the measurement assurance parameters that are provided in the instruction manual. If the values obtained are within the ranges provided by the measurement assurance parameters, you, the user, have successfully performed the proficiency testing to ensure that you have not only performed the assay correctly, but that the results you obtain can be trusted.

No additional proficiency testing is required if the calibration and standardization procedure is performed. The values you obtain from each calibration and standardization can be logged and used for certification that the assay has been performed correctly and that the results are trustworthy.

Calibration and standardization of an ATP bioluminescence assay from Preferred Cell Systems™ - Measurement Assurance
  • Human

Cell Sources

  • Embryonic stem (ES) cell-derived hNP1 neural stem/progenitor cells with proliferation capacity
  • Embryonic stem (ES) cell-derived hN2 differentiated neuronal cells

For Research Use Only. Not for clinical diagnostic use.

Luminescence or multimode plate reader with "glow" luminescence measuring capability.

  • Cryopreserved vial of hNP1 neural progenitor or hN2 neuronal cells
  • Growth/expansion medium
  • ATP standard
  • ATP controls
  • ATP Enumeration Reagent
  • Sterile, 96- or 384-well plates
  • Non-sterile, 96- or 384-well plates
  • Sterile, adhesive foil covers to maintain sterility of unused wells

NeuroGlo™-Tox HT Assay Manual

Standardized and Complete Bioluminescence Neurotoxicity Assays

When ordering NeuroGlo™-Tox HT, please copy the Catalog Number, click on Catalog Number Search and paste the number, followed by Search. You will be taken directly to the desired product.

NeuroGlo™-Tox HT Assay Kits

Cell Type Included Catalog Number Species No. of Plates
Cryopreserved neuronal cells™ KSG-HN96-1 Human 1
Cryopreserved neural progenitor cells KSG-HNP96-1 Human 1

For each assay kit, 1 vial of frozen cells  and growth medium is included.
Larger quantities available upon request.
NeuroGlo™-Tox HT is also available in 384-well plate format. Please contact Preferred Cell Systems™ for more information.


When ordering NeuroGlo-Tox HT™, simply click on Catalog Number and you will be taken directly to the desired product.

NeuroGlo-Tox HT™ Assay Kits

Cell Type Included Catalog Number Assay Plate Type No. of Plates
Any KNG-T96A-2 Adherent 2
Any KNG-T96A-4 Adherent 4
Any KNG-T96NA-2 Non-Adherent 2
Any KNG-T96NA-4 Non-Adherent 4