Assay Kits for In Vitro Toxicity Testing

Preferred Cell Systems™ is the only company worldwide to provide in vitro toxicity testing assay kits that are fully standardized and validated and designed specifically for different cell types, tissues and organs.

All of the assay kits include 2 or 4, 96-well plates (bulk is also available), standards and controls and reagents to measure intracellular ATP concentrations using a luciferin/luciferase bioluminescence readout. Therefore, a luminescence plate reader is required to perform any of the in vitro toxicity assays. All assays have been standardized and validated according to FDA Bioanaytical Method Validation Guidelines. However, since reagents to calibrate and standardize the assays are included, additional in-house validation can also be perform, if required.

Preferred Cell Systems™ does not include target cells with any of the in vitro toxicity assay kits. Please contact Preferred Cell Systems™ for vendors of target cells.

Many different types of cells and tissues require their own specific plating/maintenance/growth medium. Not every medium combination can be accomodated in our assay kits. However, the in vitro toxicity assay kits are flexible so that investigators can use their own medium and protocols.

All Preferred Cell Systems™ in vitro toxicity assay kits can be adapted to multiplex with other readouts. Please contact Preferred Cell Systems™ for further information.

An Overview and Summary of all In Vitro Toxicity Assay Kit Platforms

Cells / Tissues / Organ Types Type of Toxicity Name of Assay Cell Types Species Available
Lympho-hematopoietic cells
(Bone marrow toxicity)
Lympho-hematotoxicity HALO®-Tox HT
HALO®-Tox HT "Global"
Stem cells
Erythropoietic progenitors
Myelomonocytic progenitors
Megakaryopoietic progenitors
Lymphopoietic (T- and B-cell) progenitors
Immune cells     Immunotoxicity ImmunoGLO™-Tox HT
ImmunoGLO™-Tox HT TCP
ImmunoGLO™-Tox HT BCP
Functional immune cells

Functional T-lymphocytes

Functional B-lymphocytes
Liver cells Hepatotoxicity     HepatoGLO™-Tox HT Hepatocytes Any    
Heart cells Cardiotoxicity CardioGLO™-Tox HT Cardiomyocytes     Any
Kidney cells Renal toxicity RenalGLO™-Tox HT Cortex, medulla and tubule Any
Skin cells Skin toxicity SkinGLO™-Tox HT Epidermal Any
Neural cells Neurotoxicity NeuroGLO™-Tox HT Neural cells Any
Intestinal cells Intestinal toxicity EpiGLO™-Tox HT Intestinal epithelium Any
Mesenchymal cells Mesenchymal cell toxicity MSCGlo™-Tox HT Mesenchymal cells from any source Any
Tumor cells Tumor cell toxicity CellaGLO™-Tox HT Multiple tumnor types Any
Cell lines Transforms cell lines, including ES and iPS STEMGlo™-Tox HT Any cell line Any


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