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European-Wide Distributor: Trinova Biochem GmbH

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Tel: 49 641-94390-0

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Website: www.trinova.de

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Austria, Slovakia & Croatia

Distributor: Anopoli Biomedical Systems

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Tel: 43 2773 42564

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Czech Republic

Distributor: BARIA s.r.o.

Contact: Ing. Jena Kopecka

Jizni 393

252 44 Psary

Tel/Fax: 420 323 550 123

Website: www.baria.cz 

Dubai and the Middle East

Distrubutor: Intelli Laboratories Trading LLC

Al Quasais Industrial Area 3

P.O. Box 239775

Dubai - UAE

Tel: 971 4 548 0211

Cell/Mobile: 971 55 999 6592

Website: https://www.intellilab.me

Contact: Amr Aly, a.aly@intellilab.me

Great Britain 

Distributor: Universal Biologicals

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Cambridge CB23 3QU

Tel: 44 1480 839 015

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Emal: ken@universalbiologicals.com

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Distributor: CellBios Healthcare & Lifesciences

Pvt. Ltd.

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Tel: 91 44 2476 5300

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Distributor: Biogenuix Medsystems Pvt. Ltd.
Address: 412-B, 4th Floor,

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Janak Puri,

New Delhi-110058
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Contact: Ashish Bawa
E-mail: contact@biogenuix.com
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Distributor: BioTag Ltd.

Kfar Yona

P.O. Box 4067

ISRAEL 40300

Email: info@biotag.co.il

Website: http://www.biotag.co.il 




Distributor: Cosmo Bio Co., Ltd.
Toyo Ekimae Bldg.
2-2-0 Toyo, Koto-ku
Tokyo 135-0016
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Distributor: Nacalai Tesque

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The Netherlands, Luxenbourgh, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, Lithuania, Estonia, Letland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland

Distributor: Divbio Science Europe

P.O. Box 92

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The Netherlands
Tel: 31 76 565 1680
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South Africa

Distributor: DivBioScience Africa 

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South Korea

Distributor: KomaBiotech
19F, IS BIZ Tower,

Yangpyeong-ro 21 gil 26,


Seoul 150-105

South Korea
Tel: 82-2-579-8787
Fax: 82-2-578-7042
Email: koma@komabiotech.co.kr
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 Distributor: Integrated Bio Ltd.

6F-3, No. 800 Xongzheng Road

Zonghe Dist.,

New Taipai City 23586


Tel: 886-2-8221-8898

Fax: 886-2-8221-8906

Email: info@integrated-bio.com

Website: www.integrated-bio.com 

"A Cord Blood Potency Assay that Accurately Predicts Engraftment Potenial", presented at the 2014 Cord Blood Symposium, San Francisco, CA, June 5-7.

"Assay Validation: How a CFU Replacement Assay is Validated for Cord Blood, Mobilized Peripheral Blood and Bone Marrow" AABB, Boston, MA. 2012. PDF File 8MB.

"A Potency Assay for Mobilized Peripheral Blood, Umbilical Cord Blood and Bone Marrow Stem Cell Products"

AABB, San Diego, CA 2011. PDF File >22MB

"A Potency Assay for Mobilized Peripheral Blood, Umbilical Cord Blood and Bone Marrow Stem Cell Products"

AABB, San Diego, CA 2011. JPEG File 4.6MB


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This is the first definitive article on how hematopoietic stem cell potency is measured.


Cellular Therapy: Principles, Methods and Regulations. Eds. Areman EM, Loper K. 2009 pp. 581-591

"Bioluminescence Assays for Assessing Potency of Cellular Therapy Products".

A article describing how cord blood potency is measured using HALO®-96 PQR. 


Toxicology Letters, 2009 188/2: 98-103

"In vitro to in vivo concordance of a high throughput assay of bone marrow toxicity across a diverse set of drug candidates".

Demonstrates that HALO® provides greater than 80% concordance with in vivo results. 


Current Opinion in Drug Discovery and Development, 2003 Vol. 6/1:100-109

"In vitro hematotoxicity testing in drug development: A review of past, present and future applications".

Demonstrates how HALO® correlates with the colony-forming cell (CFC) assay and why HALO can be performed more rapidly than the CFC assay.


Expert Opinion in Drug Metabolism and Toxicology, 2007 Vol.3, pp 295-307.

"High-throughput in vitro hemotoxicity testing and in vitro cross-platform comparative toxicity".

This article describes the drawbacks of the colony-forming assay technique in hemotoxicity testing, development and descriptions of the HALO® Platforms, validation of the HALO® platforms against the colony-forming assay, predicting hemotoxicity and the ComparaTOX™ Platform for in vitro cross-platform comparative toxicity testing. Please contact HemoGenix®.


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This articles uses the OxyFLOW™ Platform to measure oxidative DNA damage.