Assays and Reagents for Regenerative Medicine

The sub-menu on the left gives you access to a portfolio of reagents and assays that take regenerative medicine to a higher level.

Besides the research assays for mesenchymal cells, regenerative medicine assays consis of those providing assurance that the MSCs are of high quality, i.e. they demonstrate viability and proliferation ability, and high strength or potency, i.e. proliferation potential or capability. These are two very important characteristics of MSCs if they are to be used for regenerative medicine applications.

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Supplements and Media

  • MSCGro™: Growth and differentiation media

Cell Proliferation Assays

  • Standardized and Validated ATP Bioluminescence Assays
    • MSCGlo™ QC: Ensures procedures and methodologies are optimized
    • MSCGlo™ SC-IPS: The only assay that predicts quality and strength (potency) of MSCs