Mesenchymal Stromal Cell (MSC)
Growth Media

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MSCGro™ Growth Media are Incorporated Into All

MSCGlo™, MSCFluor™ and MSCLight™ Assay Kits for MSCs

MSCGro™ Low Serum Complete Media

Does not require any addition supplements. Support human, primate, rat and mouse MSC growth and MSC self-renewal.

MSCGro™ Serum-Free, Complete

Does not require any additions and prior treatment of culture flasks, plates or dishes to achieve full attachment.

  • MSC growth rate/cell recovery is greater than using media from Lonza, Invitrogen, Stem Cell Technologies, ScienCell and ZenBio. (See below).
  • MSC quality and potency measured using MSCGlo™-96 PQR is greater than media from Lonza, Invitrogen and Stem Cell Technologies. (See below).
  • Competitors media cannot compare with the real time stability of MSCGro™, which shows a stability of more than 1 year. (See below).
  • MSCGro™ Media is unaffected by freezing.
  • MSCGro™ Media outperforms competitors media at both reduced (5%) and ambient oxygen tensions.
  • MSCGro™ media supports expansion and self-renewal of human, primate, rat and mouse MSCs.
  • MSCGro™ Differentiation Medium reliably induces production of chondrocytes, adipocytes and osteoblasts. 

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Comparison of MSCGro™ Media with Other Competitor Brands



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The growth of mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) has been compared to other MSC growth media by measuring MSC doubling time and using the MSCGlo™assay. The results demonstrate that MSCGro™ MSC Media outperforms the competitors media when MSCs are grown either under normal oxygen tension conditions or under low (5%) oxygen tension conditions. In addition, MSCGro™ exhibits the greatest stability and shelf-life of all the media tested.

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Media Type Catalog Number Formulation Species Volume
MSCGro™ Growth Medium M-LSC-500 Low serum, complete Human, Primate, Rat or Mouse 500mL
MSCGro™ Growth Medium M-SFC-500 Serum- Free, Xeno-Free, complete Human, Primate 500mL