Cells of Interest

If you are working with hematopoietic or immune cells, mesenchymal cells, ES or iPS cells, transformed cell lines, tumor cells or primary explanted cells from a variety of tissues and organs, such as liver, brain, heart, breast, bladder, prostate, kidney and others, Preferred Cell Systems™ has developed products especially for you, regardless of whether you are in research, cellular or immunotherapy, regenerative medicine or toxicology. 

The menu to the left provides information on all of the cells types for which Preferred Cell Systems™ has assays and reagents.

For more information or help on deciding what will be the best product for your application, do not hesitate to speak with an expert at Preferred Cell Systems™ by contacting us either through info@preferred-cell-systems.com or by call (719) 264-6251. We look forward to working with you.