Immune T-Cells / T-Lymphocytes

T-cells start their life in the bone marrow from lymphopoietic stem cells. However, T-cell development occurs in the thymus. Mature T-cells are found in the circulation and in other tissues. The types of T-cells, their function and their interactions with other cells to elicit, sometimes degrading, but at other times helpful effects, particularly as an immunotherapy, are complex and difficult to analyze.

Nevertheless, to help researchers obtain the most reliable results, Preferred Cell Systems™ has developed T-cell expansion reagents and assays that need not be viewed as single products, but rather as additional tools that can also be added or modified into more complex assays to study complex functions and interactions.

For example, although mixed lymphocyte reactions (MLR) are used to better define donor and patient histocompatability, mixed lymphocyte cultures (MLC) can be used to study specific T-cells and their functions and interactions, such as agents that modulate APC-mediated T-cell activation.

T-cell activation, stimulation and/or proliferation under various situations has traditionally been measured using radioactive markers such as tritiated thymidine or radioactive chromium. All T-cell assays from Preferred Cell systems™ utilize non-radioactive readouts, and often demonstrate greater accuracy and sensitivity than radioactive markers.

In the table below, you will find the immune T-cell populations developed by Preferred Cell Systems™ that can be detected using the assays shown.
  • ImmunoGLO™ TCP = Bioluminescence readout
  • ImmunoFLUOR™ TCP = Fluorescence readout
  • ImmunoLIGHT™ TCP = Absorbance/colorimetric readout
The type of assay you choose is dependent upon a number of factors, that include, but are not limited to:
  • Use or application goal (research, cellular therapy or toxicity testing).
  • Whether you need to measure proliferation, differentiation or both. 
  • Cell type being detected.
  • Instrumentation available.
  • Other factors such as accuracy, sensitivity, precision etc.
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Tcell Populations
Use / Application Immune Tcell
Growth Factor Cocktail
Tcell General Any ImmunoGLO
Flexible to add any cytokines and/or co-stimulators
Tcell General In Vitro Toxicity ImmunoGLO-Tox HT Flexible to add any cytokines and/or co-stimulators
Tcell 1 Research / Cellular, Immunetherapy ImmunoGLO TCP 1
IL-2 (requires co-stimulators)
Tcell 1 In Vitro Toxicity ImmunoGLO-Tox HT TCP 1 IL-2 (requires co-stimulators)
Tcell 2 Research / Cellular, Immunetherapy ImmunoGLO TCP 2
CD3 and CD28
Tcell 2 In Vitro Toxicity ImmunoGLO-Tox HT TCP 2 CD3 and CD28
Tcell 3 Research / Cellular, Immunetherapy ImmunoGLO TCP 3
IL-2 + CD3 + CD28
Tcell 3 In Vitro Toxicity ImmunoGLO-Tox HT TCP 3 IL-2 + CD3 + CD28
All cell populations Base growth medium ImmunoGro  

TCP = T-cell proliferation
IL-2 = Interleukin 2