Mixed Lymphocyte Cultures

The interaction of different types of T-cells from different sources with or without accessory cells, can be studied in a mixed lymphocyte reaction (MLR) or culture (MLC). More specifically, MLCs are used to better define donor and patient histocompatability and to understand the effects of agents that modulate APC-mediated T-cell activation.

In addition, these types of assays can be used to deconstruct interactions between lymphocytes and dendritic cells, mesenchymal stem cells and other cells that influence immunomodulation.

In the table below, you will find the Mixed Lymphocyte Culture (MLC) assays developed by Preferred Cell Systems™ that can be used for both 1- or 2-well reactions.
  • ImmunoGLO™ MLC = Bioluminescence readout
  • ImmunoFLUOR™ MLC = Fluorescence readout
  • ImmunoLIGHT™ MLC = Absorbance/colorimetric readout
The type of assay you choose is dependent upon a number of factors, that include, but are not limited to:
  • Use or application goal (research, cellular therapy or toxicity testing).
  • Instrumentation available.
  • Other factors such as accuracy, sensitivity, precision etc.
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Tcell Populations
Use / Application MLC
Growth Factor Cocktail
Stimulator/responder cell interaction Mixed Lymphocyte Culture ImmunoGLO MLC
Flexible to add any cytokines and/or co-stimulators. Assay include mitomycin-C for 1-way MLC
All cell types Base Growth Medium ImmunoGro