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CentroLIApc LB962 Clinical Microplate Luminometer from Berthold Technologies


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The CentroLIApc LB962 is an ideal instrument for diagnostic applications and clinical use. It is a very cost-effective plate luminometer for all Preferred Cell Systems™ ATP bioluminescence assay kit applications. Berthold Technologies is one of the leaders in photon (light) counters. True photon counting, used for all Preferred Cell Systems™ bioluminescence applications, has the benefit that no user parameters are needed. This means that exactly the same conditions are used for every measurement. Nevertheless, all Preferred Cell Systems™ ATP bioluminescence assay kits include standards and controls to ensure that every time an assay is performed, the instrument can be calibrated and the assay standardized, thereby allowing results to be compared over time. 


Benefits of Using the CentroLIApc LB962
  • Easy to use instrument with small footprint.
  • For routine clinical use.
  • For all Preferred Cell Systems™ ATP bioluminescence assays and luminescence immunoassays.
  • Crosstalk (influence of one well to another) down to 10e-6, depending of the type of plate used.
  • Precise c and y drivers ensure exact positioning of the wells with respect to the detector.
  • Plate types: Solid 96-well plates, 8 well and 12-well strip plates.
  • Easy to use software included.
  • Cost-effective.


  • Automatic performance test.
  • Two point calibration using stored or master curve.
  • Flexible definition of wells to be measured.
  • Sequence selection for column or rows.
  • Multiple assays per plate.
  • Shaking feature.
  • Full support for kit lot (batch) numbers.
  • Storage of assay results allowing off-line re-evaluation.
  • Data output to Microsoft Excel or laboratory information management systems (LIMS).
  • Sophisticated curve fitting for full assay standardization using multiple replicates.