Assays and Reagents for Immune Cell Research

Access our line of immune assays and reagents for lymphoid cells from the sub-menu on the left. Preferred Cell Systems™ has the largest selection of reagents and cell-based assays for any application in stem cell, basic and veterinary research.

From absorbance and fluorescence immune cell proliferation assays, to the most advanced, sensitive and accurate ImmunoGlo™ ATP bioluminescence assays, Preferred Cell Systems™ has the right product for your immunology research. Our base ImmunoGro™serum-free medium and cell expansion reagents are highly rated products in the biopharmaceutical industry.

We guarantee all of our products. Getting the highest quality results for your research is our goal. That includes providing excellent technical assistance. Contact us with your questions and feedback: (719) 264-6251 or


Media and Cell Expansion Reagents

  • ImmunoGro™: Base medium for immune cells
  • CellExpand™: Specialized in vitro cell expansion reagents for T- and B-lymphocytes

Cell Proliferation Assays

  • ATP Bioluminescence Assays with Optional Standardization
    • ImmunoGlo™ Assays: Flexible for any type of immune cell population, include specialized assays for T- and B-lymphocytes
  • Fluorescence Assays with Excellent Flow Cytometry Capability
    • ImmunoFluor™ Assays: Flexible resazurin (alamarBlue™) alternative to CSFE and radioactive immune assays are also available as specialized assays for T- and B-cells.
  • Absorbance Assays with Flow Cytometry Capability
    • ImmunoLight™ Assays: Flexible alternative to MTT and radioactive immune assays, with T- and B-lymphocyte specialized assays.