Tumor Cells

Tumor cell research represents a significant area for basic and stem cell research, cell and immunotherapy and in vitro toxicology.

Tumor cells may be available in different preparative states. They may be freshly explanted or cryopreserved or they may be in the form of tumor cell lines. Regardless of their state, they virtually all have a single commonality; they all have the capacity and ability to proliferate.

Changes in proliferation status of tumor cells in response to different stimuli represents a major property of tumor cells that needs to be identified and reliably documented if treatments are to be successful. This can only occur if the best tools are used.

Some tumor cells require adherence, while other will grow under non-adherent conditions. Preferred Cell Systems™ offers Cella™ Assay Kits for both situations. Although primarily metabolic viability and proliferation assays, Cella™ Assay Kits have been designed for multiplexing so that other assay endpoints can be combined to produce the most amount of information from a single sample. Use any of the Cella™ Cell Assay Kits below to innovate research into potential therapies.
  • CellaGlo™: An advanced metabolic viability, cell proliferation / cytotoxicity ATP bioluminescence Cella Assay that is fully standardized and built for high throughput capability and multiplexing.
  • CellaFluor™: A non-destructive, fluorescence metabolic viability and proliferation assay that can be easily combined with flow cytometry or other endpoint assays.
  • CellaLight™: A non-destructive, absorbance/colorimetric metabolic viability and proliferation assay.   

Transformed cell lines, usually obtained from primary tumor or cancer cells are available for a multitude of cell types and species. The Cella™ Assay Kits provide the flexibility to use virtually any growth medium and culture protocol to grow and expand practically any cell line available.

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