Immune B-Cells / B-Lymphocytes

Like T-cells, B-cells originate in the bone marrow from lymphopoietic stem cells. However, unlike T-cell development, B-cell development continues to occur in the bone marrow. Mature B-cells are found in the circulation and in other tissues. B-cells can produce different types of antibodies. However, they can also interact with T-cells and are therefore of particular interest in immunotherapy. These interactions can be complex and difficult to analyze.

B-cells need specific stimuli to induce them into proliferation. Preferred Cell Systems™ has developed B-cell expansion reagents and assays that, although used alone, can also be combined with T-cell assays or assays with other end points.

At present, immune B-cell assays are only available for human and mouse. However, rat assays will shortly be joining the growing immune cell portfolio from Preferred Cell Systems™.

In the table below, you will find immune B-cell populations developed by Preferred Cell Systems™. These populations can be detected and measured using:
  • ImmunoGlo = Bioluminescence readout
  • ImmunoFluor = Fluorescence readout
  • ImmunoLight = Absorbance/colorimetric readout
The type of assay you choose is dependent upon a number of factors, that include, but are not limited to:
  • Use or application goal (research, cellular therapy or toxicity testing).
  • Whether you need to measure proliferation, differentiation or both. 
  • Cell type being detected.
  • Instrumentation available.
  • Other factors such as accuracy, sensitivity, precision etc.
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Use / Application Immune Bcell
Growth Factor Cocktail
Bcell 2 Research ImmunoGlo BCP 2
ImmunoFluor BCP 2
ImmunoLight BCP 2
Cytokines only
Bcell 2 In Vitro Toxicity ImmunoGlo-Tox BCP 2 Cytokines only
Bcell 3 Research ImmunoGlo BCP 3
ImmunoFluor BCP 3
ImmunoLight BCP 3
Cocktail contains cytokines*
Bcell 3 In Vitro Toxicity ImmunoGlo-Tox BCP 3 Cocktail contains cytokines*
All populations Base growth medium ImmunoGro  

BCP = B-cell proliferation
* These B-cell assays contains a proprietary cocktail of co-factors and cytokines