A Multi-Stem Cell, Multi-Lineage, Hematopoietic Methylcellulose Colony-Forming Cell
or Unit (CFC/CFU) Assay, Available in 3 Formats for Research and Cellular Therapy

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A Multi-Stem Cell, Multi-Lineage, Hematopoietic Methylcellulose Colony-Forming Cell or Unit (CFC/CFU) Assay Available in 3 Different Formats for Research and Cellular Therapy from The Colony Experts

  • Detect multiple stem cell and multi-lineage colonies in a single culture.
  • Any type of hematopoietic research requiring clonal growth of proliferating cell populations.
  • Any hematopoietic cellular therapy application requiring the simultaneous enumeration of multiple cell types in vitro
  • Includes a proprietary growth factor cocktail that allows the production of different hematopoietic stem cell colonies, (CFC-GEMM and CFC-GEM) as well as multiple progenitor cell colonies (BFU-E, CFU-E, GM-CFC, M-CFC, G-CFC, Mk-CFC and even T-CFC and B-CFC). PLEASE NOTE: The formation of colonies from different lineages depends on the source, status and degree of fractionation of the cell suspension used.
  • Available in 3 different culture formats (see below).
  • Colonies can be enumerated between day 5 and 12 of culture depending on species and tissue.
  • Colony cells can be removed from the plate and prepared for flow cytometric phenotypic analysis.
  • The proprietary growth factor and supplement cocktail used allows a greater diversity of colonies to be produced than any other competitor product.
  • AllColonies™ Traditional: 35mm Petri dish format, used for all colony-forming cell (CFC) / (CFU) assays. Sufficient reagent for 44 samples.
  • AllColonies™ Micro: Miniaturized, 4-well assay that includes 50 culture plates for 50 samples.
  • AllColonies™ Multi: A complete 96-well plate format that allows manual enumeration of colonies and measurement of total cell colony proliferation to standardize the AllColonies™ assay using an ATP bioluminescence readout.

Principle of Hematopoietic Colony Formation in Methylcellulose
The following are a series of colony images from cultures using the AllColonies™ Reagent. AllColonies™ produces massive colonies that are derived from very primitive lympho-hematopoietic stem cells stimulated with a proprietary cocktails of factors. The colonies produced demonstrate that the cells can be from individual lineages or multiple lineages. The size of some of the colonies is an indication of the primitiveness of the cell giving rise to the colony.

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Image 10: How many colonies are in this image?
  • Human
  • Non-human primate
  • Dog
  • Rat
  • Mouse
  • Bone marrow from all species
  • Umbilical cord blood from human tissue
  • Peripheral blood from all species
  • Mobilized peripheral blood from human tissue
  • Other hematopoietic organs and tissues from different species

AllColonies™ Traditional: 35mm Plate Format

  • 100mL AllColonies™ Reagent

AllColonies™ Micro: Miniaturized Format

  • AllColonies™ Reagent
  • 50 culture plates

AllColonies™ Multi: 96-Well Plate Format

  • AllColonies™ Reagent
  • Sterile 96-well plate for cell culture
  • Non-sterile 96-well plate for assay standardization
  • ATP Enumeration Reagent
  • ATP standard
  • ATP controls
  • Sterile adhesive foil to maintain unused wells sterile
For Research Use Only.

An inverted microscope with 40x and at least 100x magnification is required for all three assay formats.
A luminescence plate reader is also required for the 96-well plate format assay.
AllColonies™ Traditional, Micro or Multi: Detection of primitive hematopoietic stem cells
Download the AllColonies™ Traditional Manual
Download the AllColonies™ Micro Manual
Download the AllColonies™ Multi Manual
Download the Document for Luminometer Setup and RLU to ATP Conversion
Download Certificate of Analysis (CoAs) for ATP Bioluminescence Components. Note: Some CoAs will be included with assay kit
Download the SDS sheet

When ordering AllColonies™, you can quickly find the product by copying the catalog number in the table below and using it in the catalog search function.

Assay Catalog No. Enumeration Format Species No. of Samples
Reagent AL-CG-100C Manual 35mm Petri Dish Dog 44
Reagent AL-CG-100H Manual 35mm Petri Dish Human 44
Reagent AL-CG-100M Manual 35mm Petri Dish Mouse 44
Reagent AL-CG-100Pr Manual 35mm Petri Dish Primate 44
Reagent AL-CG-100R Manual 35mm Petri Dish Rat 44
Assay Kit AL-KCO-1C Manual
1 x 96-well plate Dog Flexible
Assay Kit AL-KCO-1H Manual
1 x 96-well plate Human Flexible
Assay Kit AL-KCO-1M Manual
1 x 96-well plate Mouse Flexible
Assay Kit AL-KCO-1Pr Manual
1 x 96-well plate Primate Flexible
Assay Kit AL-KCO-1R Manual
1 x 96-well plate Rat Flexible
Assay Kit AL-KC-50C Manual Miniaturized
50 culture dishes
Dog 50
Assay Kit AL-KC-50H Manual Miniaturized
50 culture dishes
Human 50
Assay Kit AL-KC-50M Manual Miniaturized
50 culture dishes
Mouse 50
Assay Kit AL-KC-50Pr Manual Miniaturized
50 culture dishes
Primate 50
Assay Kit AL-KC-50R Manual Miniaturized
50 culture dishes
Rat 50