T-Cell Culture and Expansion Medium

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ImmunoGro™ Medium 

An advanced, low serum, complete base medium specifically developed for T-cell cultures and expansion when used with CellExpand™ reagents and/or ImmunoAssays™ for measuring
T-cell proliferation


  • Complete base medium for virtually any T-cell subpopulation of mixtures of populations.
  • Developed not only cell culture, but also to expand T-cell populations.
  • Use as a background control for CellExpand™ T-cell growth factors and co-stimulators.
  • Extremely low cell proliferation:background ratio allows cell populations with limited proliferation ability and cell divisions to be accurately and reliably detected and measured.
  • Production of large numbers of functionally mature T-cell populations.
  • Identification of novel immunoregulators.
  • For immunotoxicity testing of new drug candidates and environmental agents.
  • Gene transduction and editing studies.
  • Supports the culture and expansion of T-cells.
  • Can be used to culture T-cell mixtures or separated and highly purified T-cell subpopulations.
  • Can used with human umbilical cord blood, bone marrow or peripheral blood-derived T-cells.
  • Provides exceptional assay accuracy, sensitivity and specificity due to extremely low background levels of metabolism.
  • Chemically-defined, complete medium to which CellExpand™ T-cell growth factors and co-stimulators can be added. User can also add their own stimulators for T-cell proliferation.
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When ordering ImmunoGro™ Medium, simply click the Catalog Number in the table below.

Products Catalog Number Species Quantity
ImmunoGro Medium™ M-IGSF-500 Human 500mL
ImmunoGro Medium™ M-IGSF-100 Human 100mL bottle
ImmunoGro Medium™ M-IG-100 Human 500mL
ImmunoGro Medium™ M-IG-500 Human 100mL bottle


ImmunoGro™ Medium Stability

The medium can be store at -20°C for 1 year and at 4°C for 6 weeks.