Assays for In Vitro Immunotoxicity

Access our line of immunotoxicity assays from the sub-menu on the left. Preferred Cell Systems™ immunotoxicity assays are complete and standardized ATP bioluminescence assays that allow the flexibility to use any immune growth medium and factors the investigator wishes. Available in 96-well or 384-well plate formats, ImmunoGlo™-Tox HT assays are designed for high throughput screening or any other stage of drug development. Whether you use fresh or cryopreserved, peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC), purified sub-populations or lymphoid cell lines, ImmunoGlo™-Tox HT is the assay of choice.  

New developed ImmunoGlo™-Tox HT TCP  and BCP assays are now available for T- and B-lymphocytes, respectively.

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  • Cytotoxicity/Proliferation Assays
    • ImmunoGlo™-Tox HT: A high throughput, 96- or 384-well platform to measure and predict toxicity to cell of the immune system.
    • ImmunoGlo™-Tox TCP: High throughput 96-well plate assays (also available upon request in 384-well late format) to determine T-lymphocyte toxicity.
    • ImmunoGlo™-Tox BCP: Specialized for B-lymphocyte toxicity and available in 96-well plate format and 384-well plate format, upon request.