Bone Marrow Toxicity / Stem Cell Hematotoxicity / Myelotoxicity Bioluminescence Cytotoxicity, Functional and Viability Assays 


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The most advanced and complete bone marrow toxicity / stem cell hematotoxicity / myelotoxicity assays using an ATP bioluminescence endpoint.

  • Predictive in vitro to in vivo surrogate assay for human and animal hematotoxicity/hemotoxicity testing.
  • Predictive in vitro stem and progenitor hematotoxicity screening and testing platform for all stages of drug development, including patient monitoring during clinical trials.
  • Predictive in vitro stem and progenitor hematotoxicity screening and testing for xenobiotic agents.
  • Incorporation into routine high throughput ADME/Tox screening.
  • Drug / compound ranking according to species or cell population sensitivity.
  • Gene targeting and expression for new drug development and therapies, e.g. CRISPR-Cas9.
  • 3Rs Alternative Assay Platform for Reduction, Refinement and Replacement of animal testing.
  • The only in vitro high throughput stem and progenitor hemotoxicity assay platform available with both 96-well and 384-well plate formats.
  • Highly predictive with greater than 80% concordance between in vitro and in vivo results (Toxicol Lett. 2009; 188:98-103).
  • Rapid turnaround: results in 5 days for human and non-human primate cells, and 4 days for other animal cells.
  • Validated against the Registry of Cytotoxicity Prediction Model as a cytotoxicity assay.
  • Estimate in vivo starting doses and maximum tolerated doses (MTD) from in vitro IC values.
  • Incorporates Suspension Expansion Culture and proven ATP bioluminescence technology for the most advanced and reliable hematotoxicity assay available.
  • Designed for multiplexing with other assays.

Principle of ATP Bioluminescence Cell Proliferation/Cytotoxicity Assays

All ATP bioluminescence assays kits from Preferred Cell Systems™ include an ATP standard(s) and controls.  Performing the ATP standard curve and controls is highly recommended. The controls are used to calibrate the instrument and the ATP standard is used to standardize the assay. The values obtained provide the measurement assurance parameters that allow you, the user, to ensure that the results obtained can be trusted.

An example of an ATP standard curve and control results are shown in the diagram below and actual values for the kit being used are given in the Technical Manual. If the values obtained are within the ranges given in the Technical Manual, the user can process the samples knowing that the results will be trustworthy.

Calibration and standardization of an ATP bioluminescence assay from Preferred Cell Systems™ - Measurement Assurance
  • Human
  • Non-human primate (Cynomologus and Rhesus)
  • Dog
  • Rat
  • Mouse
  • Horse, pig and sheep also available as custom orders
  • Bone marrow; human and animal tissues
  • Peripheral blood; human and animal tissues
  • Umbilical cord blood; human and some animals
  • Spleen; rodents
  • Fetal and adult liver; rodents
  • Yolk sac; rodents

Stem Cells

SC-HPP 2: EPO, GM-CSF, IL-2, IL-3, Il-6, IL-7, SCF, TPO, Flt3-L

SC-GEMM 1: EPO, GM-CSF, IL-3, IL-6, SCF, TPO, Flt3-L

Progenitor Cells

• P- BFU 1: EPO, IL-3, SCF


P-Mk 1: TPO, IL-3, SCF

Lymphopoietic Cells

•  P-Tcell: IL-2 (requires co-stimulators)

•  P-Tcell: Co-stimulators CD3 + CD28

•  P-Tcell: IL-2 + co-stimulators CD3 + CD28

•  P-Bcell: Includes CD40 ligand and IL-4


No growth factors: Add growth factors/cytokines of choice.



Cell Populations for "Global" Hematotoxicity Testing


4 Population Hemotoxicity Assay Kits (4 Pop)

  • SC-GEMM 1
  • P-BFU 1
  • P-GM 1
  • P-Mk 1
  • Background control


5 Population Hematotoxicity Assay Kits (5 Pop)

  • SC-HPP 2
  • SC-GEMM 1
  • P-BFU 1
  • P-GM 1
  • P-Mk 1
  • Background control

7 Population Lympho-Hematotoxicity Assay Kits (7 Pop)

  • SC-HPP 2
  • SC-GEMM 1
  • P-BFU 1
  • P-GM 1
  • P-Mk 1
  • P-Tcell
  • P-Bcell
  • Background control
For Research Use Only.

Luminescence or multimode plate reader with "glow" luminescence measuring capability.
  • HALO®-Tox HT Master Mix
  • ATP standard
  • ATP high and low controls
  • ATP Enumeration Reagent
  • Sterile, 96-well plates
  • Non-sterile, 96-well plates


Download the manual for HALO®-Tox HT
Download the Luminometer Setup and RLU to ATP Conversion Protocol
Download Certificate of Analysis (CoAs) for ATP bioluminescence components. Note: Some of CoAs will be included with the assay kits.
Download SDS for SEC Media for Kits
Download SDS for ATP Standard and Controls
Download SDS for ATP Enumeration Reagent