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HALO PMT ''Global''

$4301.48 (USD)
Catalog No: K2SF-7PMT-8
Assay Format: 96-well plate. 0.1mL/well assay
Description: 7 Population Predictive "Global" Patient Monitoring after Transplantation
Reagent Formulation: Serum-Free
Assay Readout: Standardized ATP bioluminescence
Cell Types: SC-HPP and SC-GEMM and P-BFU and P-GM and P-Mk and P-Tcell and P-Bcell and Background
Species: Human
# of Samples: Max. 24 samples/kit or user defined
Growth Factor: Individual reagent for each cell population
# of Plates/Size 8 x 96-well plate
Category Assays for Cell Therapy & Regen. Med.
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