ImmunoGlo™ TCP 

Bioluminescence Lymphocyte Proliferation Assays With Co-Stimulators


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Bioluminescence lymphocyte proliferation assays with co-stimulators.

  • T-lymphocyte proliferation.
  • Test unprimed T-cells in the presence of antibodies, enterotoxins, mitogens etc.
  • Cellular immune response studies.
  • Single-cell, T-lymphocyte cloning studies.
  • Test DLI (Donor Lymphocyte Infusion) samples for stimulation/induction prior to use.
  • Effect of accessory (non T-cells) on T cell induction.
  • Effect of epitope sequences and novel peptides or proteins.
  • Immune cell gene targeting and expression, e.g. CRISPR-Cas9.
  • Non-radioactive assay incorporating proven ATP bioluminescence technology.
  • Instrument-based, quantitative and fully standardized allowing comparison of results over time.
  • 10 - 100 times more sensitive than WST-1, CSFE and other absorbance or fluorescence assays.
  • Multiplexing capability to incorporate flow cytometry, cytokine release and other assay readouts for additional information from the same sample.
  • Simple, time efficient and cost effective. 

Principle of ATP Bioluminescence Cell Proliferation Assays

All ATP bioluminescence assays kits from Preferred Cell Systems™ include an ATP standard(s) and controls.  Performing the ATP standard curve and controls is highly recommended. The controls are used to calibrate the instrument and the ATP standard is used to standardize the assay. The values obtained provide the measurement assurance parameters that allow you, the user, to ensure that the results obtained can be trusted.

An example of an ATP standard curve and control results are shown in the diagram below and actual values for the kit being used are given in the Technical Manual. If the values obtained are within the ranges given in the Technical Manual, the user can process the samples knowing that the results will be trustworthy.

Calibration and standardization of an ATP bioluminescence assay from Preferred Cell Systems™ - Measurement Assurance
  • Human 
  • Peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC)
  • Lymphocyte sub-populations
  • Lymphocyte tissues and organs


Assay Type Catalog Number HemoGro™ Serum-Free containing:

Number of Plates/Samples per Kit

ImmunoGlo™ TCP



IL-2 alone

1 / 16-24

ImmunoGlo™ TCP



CD3 + CD28

1 / 16-24

ImmunoGlo™ TCP



IL-2 + CD3 + CD28

1 / 16-24

T-lymphocyte cell production using ImmunoGlo-96 TCP assay kits

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Measuring T-Lymphocyte Proliferation using ImmunoGlo™ TCP

In this example, human bone marrow mononuclear cells were stimulated with IL-2 alone, CD3 + CD28 or with IL-2 + CD3 + CD28 for 5 days. T-cell proliferation was measured using a standardized ATP bioluminescence readout. Flow cytometric phenotypic analysis of the IL-2+CD3+CD28 sample produced about 40% CD3/CD4, 26% CD3/CD8 and 6% CD4/CD8. 

For Research Use Only. Not for clinical diagnostic use.

Luminescence or multimode plate reader with "glow" luminescence measuring capability.

  • T-Cell Culture and Expansion Master Mix in Serum-Free ImmunoGro™ Medium
  • Medium to dilute ATP standards
  • ATP standards
  • ATP controls
  • ATP Enumeration Reagent
  • Sterile, 96-well culture plates
  • Non-sterile, 96-well plate for ATP standard curve
  • Sterile, adhesive plate cover foils to maintain sterility of unused wells

ImmunoGlo™ TCP Assay Manual

Bioluminescence lymphocyte proliferation assays with co-stimulators.